About Us

SelphKare Essentials is a small, family-owned business in Chicago. Inspired by Dr. Sebi's work, the Selphs became intrigued by his practices of maintaining health through the use of natural herbs. 

Cycling enthusiast the Selphs have continually strived to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. However, when the pandemic occurred the journey to maintaining good health became a bit challenging,  but the Selphs knew they had to be even more intentional about their health journey more than ever. With the spread of the corona virus, they became even more dedicated to their health and discovering even better ways to care for their health through the use of natural products such as wildcrafted seamoss gel. 

After initially purchasing their seamoss from a local vendor, the Selphs became dedicated to providing the best quality, clean, fresh and natural seamoss. Each batch of seamoss is thoroughly clean and inspected over and over to ensure its utmost quality. Every jar from start to finish is made with love, care, and passion from our family to yours.